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  1. We will be giving out free VIP upgrade (valid for 3 months) for those who can complete a simple task. You need to accumulate 30 posts/thread. Every post must be 20+ characters to avoid spamming. We will only accept constructive posts. Once you have completed just PM me or @Hitomi to verify your account. - Cool username style - Access to premium market and forums - Give reputation - Animated profile - Profile Song And other cool features limited for VIP only.
  2. Welcome po sa We Cracks Forums! I and my friend @Hitomi create this forum for Filipinos who need helps about their devices such as a computer, smartphones, modems, and other devices. We will still be updating this forum to keep cool and clean. I'm not good in English so expect niyo na bigla akong matatagalog sa gitna ng salita, katulad nito. Also, We are looking for a voluntary moderator to maintain this forum clean and safe. We will keep you posted on any further update.